History & Background

About CTID

The Coronado Tourism Improvement District (CTID) was established in July 2010 to increase the number of business conventions, group meetings and overnight guests at Coronado hotels. In addition, the CTID improves revenue opportunities for local tourism-based businesses. This is carried out through a series of business-to-business programs.  Funding for these campaigns does not come from the City of Coronado. Funding for the CTID comes from a guest assessment, charged to guests upon departure, at the four largest hotels in Coronado.

Long before the CTID was established, the City of Coronado worked closely with local hotels, business leaders and community organizations to ensure that each business district and businesses, large and small, would benefit from the work of the CTID.

To monitor and direct the group meeting efforts of the CTID, a nine-person Advisory Board was assembled to evaluate, approve and advise the City of Coronado.  They are unpaid volunteers.  Four of the nine members represent the hotels that provide the guest assessment.  Two at-large members represent the local tourism-based businesses in Coronado.  The final three members of the CTID represent the Coronado Chamber of Commerce, Coronado MainStreet Ltd., the Coronado Visitor Center and the Coronado Historical Association.

In July 2011, the Coronado Tourism Improvement District became a 501 (c) 6 non-profit entity so it could more effectively promote Coronado as a destination for meetings.  At the same time, this incorporation allowed the CTID to take over administrative, accounting and legal costs previously paid for by the City.

In June 2015, a second Coronado Tourism Improvement District was established so Coronado could more effectively compete for business conventions that occupy hotel rooms as well as meeting spaces.  Thus, the CTID assessment, between the two district, totals 1 percent.

The CTID will continue to be under the direction of the Coronado City Council, providing quarterly reports and an annual review, service plan and budget.

Monthly meetings of the Coronado Tourism Improvement District are open to the community with opportunities for comment from local businesses, organizations and residents.